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Vietnam Black Pepper – Coffee – Cashew Nut

In recent several years, Fresh – Dry Fruits of Vietnamese origin have been floating as advantaged products for exportation. Therefore, the appearance on shelves is likely to be a popular aim impressing Vietnam as a favourable destination where the importer can fit in and increase business efficiency.

The following are the highlighted Fresh- Dry Fruits:

  • Dried jackfruit is one of the favourite choices for its flavour between sweet and savoury. 
  • Dried banana provides a large volume of Kali and other minerals and is the primary element in the daily meal.
  • Dried mango
  • Dried sweet potato
  • Dried potato
  • Dried apple 
  • Fresh seedless lime 
  • Cashew nut
  • Robusta, Arabica Coffee – Fresh or Roasted Coffee 
  • Black pepper

If you are interested in importing, labelling, outsourcing, and customization Fresh-Dry Fruits – Nuts in Vietnam. You are free to contact us for detail as well as any questions.