Directly producing and providing Korean loyal clients where the belief has been being built for a long time. Depending on the particular strengths such as the equipped factory and skilled employees, we are always competitive to understand customer’s requirements and offer the best solution to boost customer’s business as well.
We have not been focusing on the price but also standing beside customers to find out suitable solutions to serve customer’s customers.
Our customers can choose the existing products: Canvas gloves, Spandex gloves, Cotton gloves, Fabric gloves covered with plastic or rubber beads, Polyester gloves, T8 fabric gloves, Microfiber fabric gloves, Fabric gloves (Fat fabric gloves), Denim gloves, Burlap gloves, Khaki gloves

Each idea has its worth – Let us know your thought. We will definitely convert them to finished products where you can enjoy a unique life with your own brand.