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Vietnam Clothing Manufacturers

Produce in Vietnam, especially in Haiphong port city?

Here are five benefits of garment production in Vietnam that entrepreneurs need to know:

  • Workshop, factory, and industrial zones have been invested in and extended with strengthened governmental commitments.
  • The workforce is widely diverse from simple-advantage skills.
  • The major production is located among material sources such as ASIA, China, and Vietnam.
  • Procedures are simple, the low tax is around 0% because of being a member of almost all FTAs ( Free Trades Agreements ).
  • Inherited the benefit of the massive investment as Apple, Samsung, LG… and have the international logistic system across the country from South to North.

Our Direct Capacity

  1. Polo Shirt: 800.000 – 1.500.000 pcs / year
    T-shirts: 1.000.000 – 1.500.000 pcs / year
    Sweatshirts – Sweatpants: 150.000 – 200.000 pcs / year

2. Shorts: 500.000 – 700.000 pcs / year
Jacket: 100.000 – 200.000 pcs / year

Our workshops are located at the most rush international Haiphong Port, with an abundant workforce of thousands of skilled workers.

We are accredited and certified to serve all clients from all countries and continents at competitive prices.